It’s almost the end of the first month of the new year, many of us have made a list of thing that we need to take care this year, basically the new year resolution which has actually become a ritual for most of us to prepare every year.

How many of our new year resolution is on the track, how many we are lacking behind and how many of them have not been touched so far…I am not sure about the first one but for the latter two, I am sure many of us are struggling.

I think that everyone, some or the later stage think that I could have got more out of my resolutions if I would have stick to my resolution a little more seriously

Well, not all, but many of my resolutions are still on track and I hope to continue them the same way they are going.

So how to keep your new year resolutions on track?

There is nothing rocket science, here a short list of hack I am going to try to stick to my new year resolution this whole year 2019.

Stop working for money full time and start working for your passion as well

Many of us find this useless but believe me, if you work only for your bills, buying assets, making people jealous of your luxury items, you may find yourself stuck in work and always feel a little low.

However, all of us has some or the other hidden talent which was buried deep down when we enter into the corporate world,

Start digging that talent and invest some time with it. Believe me, you will be happier than ever before and you will yourself find more time to keep your resolutions and your reelations on track.

When you are happy and willing to do anything along with a happy mindset, believe me, your productivity increases multiple folds.
So start working on your hidden talent along with your “work for money” thing.

Don’t stay awake past midnight, must be ‘a quit list’ resolution

Along with the “to do” resolution, you must also include some “quit” list resolutions. One of my quit list resolution is staying awake doing nothing but watching movies, series and browsing internet past midnight. Most of these are passive browsing which is not going to help me in a better way. So a must quit for me this year will be my Past Midnight stay awake.

Try a quit list resolution for yourself as well and let me know how it goes.

Exercise Exercise and Exercise

If staying fit is not one of your new year resolution, still you need to somehow follow this, to keep up your other resolutions. Because, if your are unfit you can’t do anything at your best.

Believe me, I am really bad at this resolution and I make this resolution almost every year since the time I started making resolutions.
However, this year I am trying my best to keep this resolution up, Also one of my new quit list resolutions is something which is helping me to keep this on track.

So this year I will be trying to put myself at Gym Putting some efforts towards health and fitness along with my other resolutions.

Invest your time with your loved ones

As important as working, you must spend some quality time with your family, friends and loved ones. They are the biggest motivations when you are down in your career or in personal life.

I am sure everyone knows that family and friends are always there for them but still we take it for granted and end up in creating a Great Wall between us.

A simple two minute phone call or a weekend coffee with your friends, to keep them in touch or just a movie or a dinner date with your family can make them feel important and in a long run it is really important to have good friends and a family support. That’s because success or happiness is not constant. Everyone has to face all the phases in your life, so everyone need a motivation at some or the other time.

Your family and close friends know you better than anyone else and they are always there to back you up when you are in need.

Identify your unreachable resolutions and dump them.

I am not being negative here. We usually make resolution during new year, the time of the year when we are happy to start new things.

Believe me we make a lot of mistakes when we are more happy or sad.
We need to identify the resolutions which may seems unreachable at this point of time and just because we have made this resolution because many of our friends and others are also making this resolution. Just dump that and work on something more reachable at this point of time and save this unreachable resolution for sometime later or even next year if it seems possible then.

It’s good to have a vision while making resolutions as well but try to see what is doable at this stage rather than just making a hypothetical resolution for the sake of making it.

When you eliminate a few hypothetical resolutions from the list of all your resolutions, suddenly all your other resolutions seems quite reachable and your get your energy back like the day one.

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