So here an update for the much awaited Mumbai Goa Ferry services, Originally planned to be started in December 2017, but better late than never here you go Mumbai Goa cruise ferry services

The key points everybody is keen to know about the Mumbai Goa Cruise Ferry:

  • Primarily set to be started from February 2018
  • Total cruise capacity of approx 400 Passengers
  • Ferry will be operated on alternate days 
  • One way cost will be INR 5000/ excluding food and available luxuries onboard
  • No ferry services during Monsoon
  • Starting from Mazgaon domestic cruise terminal the ferry will stop at Dighi, Dabhol, Jaigad, Vijaydurg and Malvan before reaching the destination at Panjim.
Mumbai Goa Cruise ferry services

Mumbai Goa Ferry (Not the actual image)

Ferry Cost: At INR 5000/ one way the cost of ferry is on a higher side if we compare it with Flights between Mumbai to Goa or Luxury trains, But things to consider here is that it has to be treated as a luxury travel services and not a travel medium between the two terminals so somewhere the cost seems justified.

Let’s see how Mumbai and Goa people take this as i am eagerly waiting to board the cruise.

Note: The image in the post is of my another post from Mandvi Gujarat.

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