Kiara, one of the most beautiful thing happen to us after marriage. And after a few days, I realized ‘Why does Mom have to do everything for a baby’ even along with her regular home activities and office work? Why can’t Dad?

I am still shocked by this stereotype of the society and decided to break it.

Nowadays mostly husband and wife both are working in most of the families in metros and tier two cities, And mostly their parents and in-laws are staying far in other city or states or even other countries.

If we try to observe we will see most of the time Mommies have to sacrifices their sleep, their rest, their lunch, dinner and their offices work too for babies and in many cases their job as well.

I have realized within a few weeks of Kiara’s birth that her Mom has started taking the stress of her office work and job and also had a few heated discussion with me over her and my work timings as we both have busy schedules.

I am not saying Mommies don’t have to look after babies and do all of these, but don’t you think other than taking babies out for a ride or drive or playing with babies or just buying groceries or taking care of finance, Daddies also has some responsibility towards their babies??

Definitely YES and there is a lot what a dad must do to help mommy to handle day to day routine of your baby.

Why can’t a dad change baby’s diaper?

Why can’t a dad feed a baby when required?

Why can’t a dad cook a meal for his baby?

Why can’t a dad wake up in the middle of the night and make Baby sleep again?

Why can’t a dad massage a baby?

Why can’t a dad get the baby ready for a party?… and there are a lot of “why can’t”??

The simple answer to these all questions are; if a dad wants he can do all of these very easily.

It’s just a stereotype and myth that baby needs mother most of the time and Dad can’t handle baby properly. And I am breaking these stereotype here.

One of the important thing I have observed is, all our elders, parents and in-laws just concentrate on baby’s mommy. If Kia has fever Kalpna kaha hai, if Kia is hungry Kalpna kaha hai, if Kia is having sleepless night Kalpna kaha hai, Kalpna kaha hai, Kalpna kaha hai…


I can handle Kia and I love to do things for her as well, which generally her mommy does. Because I love the way she looks at me innocently after she pooped in her nappy, she points toward the door when she wants to go out on a walk at 3 Am. And I am pretty sure that every dad loves to do things for their little one. It’s just because of some illogical stereotype everybody thinks that baby’s mom will take care of all of these.

When you and your wife both work in IT then you should understand the pressure of work and deliverables at the Office, Specially post maternity when a mother joins back she really need to some “free mind time” to get back to work after a long break and she can rely only on you (baby’s dad) for this.

I am not against any religion, trend, pattern or practice that people follow but just want husbands to help their wife in small daily routine things of your baby and it will make her life hell easy at home and at work as well.

People generally say that baby identify mothers touch but if you break the above said stereotype very soon people start saying, the baby can identify their father’s touch too. And that’s the feeling you will love over anything in your life.

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