Hadshi Temple, also known as Sri Satya Sai Pandurang Kshetra, Pune is a temple around 45 Kms from Pune in a beautiful scenic village Hadshi. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vitthal Rukmani.

We have planned out a visit to Sri Satya Sai Pandurang Kshetra, Pune last weekend with my two-year-old daughter Kia.

amazing family picnic spot near pune
Hadshi Temple

Traveling with Kids is really tricky, especially during Monsoon when you desperately want to go out for daybreak or picnic with your family and kids Plus you also want a Kids friendly “not so crowded” place around your city.

I, especially when traveling with my daughter, opt for the place where we don’t have to spend more time on the road in the traffic as Kia is not very comfortable sitting in a car and wait, and in fact, the Kids are not a great fan of waiting in traffic.

At times it’s really difficult to identify and find out such places but Thankfully Pune has a few places to opt from when you are travelling with your young ones. One such place is Hadshi Temple. 

Hadshi Temple (Sri Satya Sai Pandurang Kshetra) Picnic Spot near Pune

Hadshi Temple, Pune
Hadshi Temple Near Pune
Hadshi Temple Pune

Hadshi Temple is no doubt one of the best one-day picnic spots around Pune with Kids, especially in Monsoon when the climate is beautiful around with lots of greenery and mesmerizing views around.

Hadshi Temple is spread in a vast area of around 300 acres and surrounded by mesmerizing views of mountains all around. It is a perfect one-day picnic spot for families to go with Kids of any age.

Google is showing limited parking in at Hadshi Temple, But believe me there is a huge parking space here. That too surrounded by beautiful mountains and landscapes all around. Here are a few pictures were taken in the parking of Hadshi Temple.

Hadshi Temple Parking
A beauty in Hadshi Temple parking view

The temple is very clean and very well managed by Sri Satya Sai Trust and I just fall in love with this place completely and going to be a frequent visitor to Hadshi Temple. 

There is a meditation hall below the temple, If you are a yoga and meditation kind of person then the place is really cool and with lots of positive vibes.

Beautiful Garden

There are two huge gardens on both sides of the temple to sit, relax and spend some time with nature. The view from these gardens is amazing as the whole temple is surrounded by picturesque views.

It is a wonderful place to go with your kids especially because it is less crowded place and the road doesn’t have traffic like we usually see around Pune during monsoon.

My two-year-old daughter had a wonderful time here and she was enjoying nature, rain, mountains, like anything.


There is a huge museum here. The museum is not of art, scientific or any historic things. But the Museum has a lot of Idols and Jhankis depicting the saints and culture of Maharashtra.

Shiva Parviti statue in the statue Museum, Hadshi
Radha Krishna Idol
Beautiful Radha Krishna Idol at the Museum entry point
Ganpati Idol in the cave museum
Ganpati Idol in the cave museum

The entry fee of Museum is Rs 150 per person.

Valley of Adventure (Adventure Sports) 

Hadshi Temple also has an Adventure Sports section called a Valley of Adventure They have Sky Cycle, Zip Line, Archery, Gun Shooting, Rock Climbing, Gyro, Bull Ride, Melt Down, Bungy and ATV.

Charges for all the activities excluding ATV, Zip Line and Gun Shooting is only Rs 350. Which I find relatively cheaper than they are at other places. 

Detail of charges can be seen from the image below

Valley of Adventure Hadshi Charges
Valley of Adventure Hadshi Charges

Other things to do at Hadshi Temple

  • Meditation Hall
  • Boating

Tips for visiting

Carry your own food

Wherever we have visited around Pune, we have found a lot of Eateries, Corn stalls, Bhajji’s and Maggie’s stalls but we haven’t found a lot of them on our way to Hadshi Temple. That’s because the temple is still unexplored and not known to a lot of people.

So if you love to eat during the journey then you need to carry your own food. 

There is a canteen in the temple premises but the options there are limited so it if you are visiting here for a full day then I suggest bringing some heavy snacks which you can have in the garden or even in the canteen.

Umbrellas are of no use, Carry raincoats and windcheater 

Because the temple is surrounded by mountains and hills, it’s too windy here. Believe me, if it rains, you won’t be able to hold your umbrella. So instead of an umbrella, carry a raincoat and windcheater.

Charges and Fees

  • Parking Charge: 20 Rs
  • Museum (Optional): 150 Rs
  • Valley for Adventure (Optional): 350 Rs 

How to Reach Hadshi Temple Pune?

Reaching Hadshi from Pune is surrounded with a lot of scenic spots, small waterfalls and mesmerizing views of Mountains and Landscapes. 

There are two routes to reach Hadshi from Pune. 

  • Route I: Pune – Bavdhan – Pirangut – Paud – Chhale – Hadshi
  • Route II: Pune – Sus – Nande – Chhale – Hadshi
Pune to Hadshi Temple Route
Pune to Hadshi Temple Route

Route I is usually the prime route with bigger roads. But we have opted for Route II for reaching Hadshi Temple and took the route I on our way back to Pune. 

To our surprise, we have found Route II to Hadshi temple faster to reach, more scenic and picturesque than Route I

Also considering the Traffic, Route II was better than Route I

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