aTraveler is a travel blog by an Indian Traveler Blogger in search of offbeat beautiful travel destinations across India and the Globe, Sharing my experiences and knowledge as I travel and explore, along with making your budget travel “a little luxurious” with useful traveling tip, facts and information.

A life should have a decent travel experience, awesome food and hi-tech technology gadgets and then it becomes a lifestyle. This is all my blog is about. Travel – Food – Tech – Lifestyle. Though my personal favorite is photography but to become a good photographer you don’t need a good camera or lens, you need a good eye and somehow I try to get what I need in everything I see.

I am Krunal Patel, an entrepreneur by profession running an IT firm in Pune and author (atraveler) of this blog, because of my love for nature and wildlife, I started traveling to various places and now traveling became one of my favorite activity.


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