Hanuwantiya Island – Madhya Pradesh

Hanuwantiya Island, a new gem of Madhya Pradesh is already attracting a lot of tourist to central India. To make it famous across India, Madhya Pradesh Tourism has announced a Jal Mahotsav starting October 2017 to January 2018 to promote adventure and water sports in the state.

Hanuwantiya Island is developed on the backwater of Indira Sagar Dam, build on Narmada River located in Khandwa district. Around 45 KM from Khandwa and 150 KM from Indore it has become a favourite tourist location in central India for water sport for a weekend or even for a day picnic. Among many islands across the backwater of Indira Sagar Dam, Hanuwantiya is the only island open to the public but tourist can take a thrilling boat ride to roam around the backwater to take the scenic view of other islands from the boat.

Activities at Hanuwantiya

Entry fee to enter the island is very less,  but the adventure and water activities price vary according to rides. There are several accommodations offered for visitors like restaurant facilities, boating, and cruise ride on the backwater. They all simply amazing and feel like having the ride in the ocean waters. In fact, you can watch the huge waves dancing here at the lake, which looks really awesome.

Hanuwantiya Island Water Sports
Hanuwantiya Island Landscape

Other activities offered here are – Jet Ski, Motor Boat and Mini Cruise ride of 17 seaters and many other activities. You can also enjoy the water activities like scuba diving, sea window sliding, and snorkelling at a lower cost than other adventure and water activities places in India.

Hanuwantiya Adventure Sports
Hanuwantiya Tapu Adventure Sports

You may enjoy the Bird catching, trekking as well as fire camp offered during the night Island Camping. Hanumantiya is a gift given by nature and developed by the MP tourism department, who made this place amazingly beautiful to visit. The feel you get by visiting is not less than any other water tourist destination in India.

Hanuwantiya Island Jal Mahotsav

Hanuwantiya Island Tent
Hanuwantiya Island Tent City

To promote Hanuwantiya Island and water sports in MP, Hanumantiya Jal Mahotsav was introduced. The scenic adventure-created here, complement the happiness that lies in the spirit of the journey. It is one of India’s great water festival, including land, water, and air exploring activities, all in one canvas called Jal Mahotsav.

The festival represents the Madhya Pradesh culture that stands for a rich heritage, the rich skill set of its artisans also describes the traditional cuisine.  The ‘Jal Mahotsav’ is a dream for every adventure lover and a desired of every person who seeks a holistic transformation. It is a tent city where people can rejoice and relax forgetting other tension and at the same time can enjoy the adventurous activities on hanuwantiya island. The Jal Mahotsav has become a very important part of the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Packages.


  • By Road: Well connected by Road, You can either come from Khandwa or from Indore side to Hanuwantiya Island. The best way to reach here is from Khandwa which is around 45 KM from Island.
  • By Air: Indore is the nearest airport to Hanuwantiya, It will take around 3 hours drive from Airport to Hanuwantiya to travel approx 150 KM. Make sure to book a cab before to avoid last moment chaos.
  • By Train: Khandwa Junction is the nearest railway station which is a major junction of the central railway and well connected with major cities in India.

Places To Visit Hanuwantiya Island

Also consider Boriyamal Island Adventure Tour with 30 minutes speed boat rides, exploring the Botanical Walk. Visit Sant Singaji Dham – Singaji Maharaj Samadhi, which is 9.5 km via Hanumantiya Road.

You may also consider visiting Omkareshwar – one of the 12 Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva,  Mandu – an uninhabited ancient city in the present-day, Indore and Satpura National Park. You can also visit the Kishore Kumar Smarak and Shri Dadji Darbar in Khandwa or Visit Burhanpur – Gateway to southern India.

Best time to Visit Hanuwantiya Island :

Although you can visit Hanuwantiya throughout the year the best time to visit any water sports destination is summers.

Hanumantiya is a pride of Madhya Pradesh and one destination that gives you lots of thriller experience. Its escapades activities make it more interesting and incredible. Go with your family and friends for exploring natural beauty. It is a lovely place for water sport and air thrilling activities.

Note: Hanuwantiya Island is celebrating Jal Mahotsav from 15th Oct 2017 to 2nd January 2018. So kindly make your arrangments before visiting the place. More updates on the official website, Instagram and MP Tourism

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