“Sand. Sun. Water” everyone’s dream for a perfect vacation. It’s time to get yourself charged up for the exciting vacation. Welcome to the world of relaxation and happiness “BEACHES”. We have always heard about the beaches in Goa, Kerala and Andaman. But, our Incredible India has many hidden beaches, which are still untouched and unexplored and therefore, perfect for a romantic and family getaway. So are, the beaches of Konkan perfect for water sports activities, sunbathing and beach walking.

Get yourself surrounded by the beaches in Konkan:-

Ganpatipule Beach

Ganpatipule is a small town on the Konkan Coast of Maharashtra. It is one of the most spectacular beaches with White Sand. The beach is not crowded much, which gives a better chance to enjoy the complete peace and tranquillity of the beach. Its a perfect gateway for adventure enthusiasts, beach lovers and pilgrims (as famous Ganesh Mandir is Beach facing) as well. Apart from serene beaches, this place also offers tourists a look of flora which includes coconut palms and mangroves. Tourists can also enjoy horse riding and camel rides, and make the destination a perfect one.

Harihareshwar Beach

Surrounded by four hills named Harihareshwar, Bramhadri, Harshinachal and Pushpadri the beach is located in the Raigad district. There is a Harihareshwar temple on the beach, which is the main attraction point of the Beach. The two beaches surrounding the temple are Shrivardhan and Diveagar Beach. The best time to visit the Beach is from November to February when you can enjoy the peacefulness at the beach and relax.

Velneshwar Beach

If you are looking for the place to enjoy the beach waves, swimming and sunbathing with lush coconut palm, Velneshwar beach is perfect for you. Located near Velneshwar village in Maharashtra, the beach is famous for its clean atmosphere and the charm this place has which attracts lots of tourists every year. Just plan a trip, to this serene beach which will make you feel the cool breeze from the ocean and feel Mother Nature.

Tarkarli Beach

Popularly known as “Queen of Beaches” in the Konkan. 6kms to the south of Malvan city, the beach has the finest beautiful and clear white sand in the entire stretch of Konkan beaches. At one side it has Karli serene backwaters and turquoise blue sea on the other, it gives the visitors the most picturesque destination. You can even enjoy snorkelling, dolphins and scuba diving here.

Awas Beach

Located close to Kihim and around 7 km from Mandwa, this beach is at a secluded place with casuarina and suru trees lining its shores. Less crowded, Cleaner shores, Amazing view and Peaceful, the beach is perfect for the weekend gateway and relaxing from the hustle life.

Sasawne Beach

One of the unexplored and beautiful beaches, Sasawne beach is 18kms north of Alibag. It has Karmarkar studio and Karmarkar sculpture museum which is the main Tourist attraction. You can enjoy many types of water sports here. Some places to visit near Sasawne beach are Revdanda, Akshi, Nagaon, Varsoli, Thal, Mandwa Kihim.

Malvan Beach

Want a perfect vacation for your family? The serene beaches of Malvan welcome you. Serene backwaters, Beautiful beaches, Historic forts and Exciting adventure truly a dream holiday destination. This beach is the most liked for water sports. The best time to visit the place is Nov – Feb during the winters.

Revdanda Beach

This beach is very isolated in the entire region. The colour of the sand is black, which gives the beach a unique look. 17kms away from Alibag, it is wonderfully a silent beach. Less crowded, Clean beach and a Swim in the azure sea relaxes and rejuvenates the mind and body. You will also find coconut and beetle-nut plantations here.

Guhagar Beach

Guhagar beach is known for its coir items, virgin beach, coconuts, betel nuts and mainly Alphonso mangoes. Located on the Konkan coastline, it is located between the Vasishthi River and Jaigad Creek. Filled with white sand, surrounded by Suru trees and Hills the beach is beautiful in its own kind. The beach can be reached from Chiplun.

After knowing about these amazing beaches, the pleasant environment of them, their pure beauty is undoubtedly not to be missed. The beaches are less crowded and clean which makes them perfect for vacation and relaxation of mind and body.

So, this vacation, explore the beaches of Konkan!!

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