Bike trip to the White Desert and India Bridge

Kutch district is not only about White desert, Rann Utsav and Rann of Kutch. It has so much to offer to it’s visitor that no one can go back without awesome memories from here.

Early morning on Day 3 of our bike trip, we checked out from our Airbnb host and started for Ludiya village. We have booked a Bhunga (a traditional mud hut) near white dessert for a night in this village. 

Kutch District Gujarat
Tropic of Cancer passes through Kutch District Gujarat 😀

Ludiya is one of the craft villages in near White Desert Kutch and our host himself operates a souvenir shop for the traditional Kutchi craft handicrafts. 

Ludiya Village Kutch White Desert
Beautiful morning in Ludiya Village, Kutch
Bhunga Hut Kutch
Bhunga Hut Kutch
Craft Shop, Ludiya Village Kutch
Craft Shop at Ludiya Village Kutch

Around 8:00 AM we started for our first place of the day: India Bridge

India Bridge Kutch- The last bridge of India

After a heavy breakfast, we started for India Bridge, one of the last bridge to cross before Pakistan border. We need to get permission from Bhuj city to go beyond this place.

India Bride is surrounded by Great Rann of Kutch on the right and White Dessert in the left.

Khavada village, which is around 19 KM before India Bridge is the last civilian village where you will get water bottles and eatables.

India Bridge Kutch
India Bridge Kutch view from Kalo Dungar

You are not allowed to do any sort of Photography or Videography of or on the bridge.

Stopping on the bridge is not allowed but you are allowed to cross the bridge and this is the last point where civilian can visit without special permission. 

The view on either side of the bridge is worth visiting the place. 

View from India Bridge
View from India Bridge, Kutch
Birds near India Bridge
Birds near India Bridge

There is a check post at both ends of the bridge so that you don’t stop on the bridge.

Kalo Dungar – The Magnetic Hill

Kalo Dungar or black mountain is the highest point of Kutch district, and you will get a mesmerizing view of the white desert from here.

White Desert from Kalo Dungar
White desert view from Kalo Dungar

There is a Dattatraya temple at the top and it is believed that god Datta has offered his body parts to hungry jackals and from then everyday food is offered to jackals here, after Arti.

You will get a fantastic view India bridge from here and if you have good telescopic lens then you will be able to capture nice images of India bridge from here.

This is the place around the White desert where you will be able to find food stalls. So we had a quick bite here before proceeding to the white desert.

White desert – Dhordo, Rann Utsav

We departed from Kalo dungar around 2 PM and reached our Bhunga in Ludiya village around 2:45 to have our lunch which was prepared by our host’s family.

Without waiting we started for Dhordo White Desert immediately, where Rann Utsav is being organized.

Way to Dhordo, Rann Utsav
Way to Dhordo, Rann Utsav

We reached Rann Utsav destination in less than 45 mins as it was only 28 KM from our location and the road condition was awesome as it was newly constructed and unknown to most of the visitors. Also, google map was not updated by then with the new way to Dhordo (Thanks to our host Mr. Meru Marvada for this information about the road and to save our 1-hour ride)

We reached the white Rann Utsav and I must say it’s a very well organized and managed festival and everything about it was awesome.

White Desert ATM Faciity
ATM Machine at Rann Utsav, Kutch
White Desert Dhordo Kutch
Endless White Desert Dhordo Kutch
White Desert Rann Utsav Kutch
Happy faces at White Desert Rann Utsav

You might have seen many sunsets but I am sure if you see a sunset from white rann it will be the best of yours till date.

Sunset from White Desert Kutch
Sunset from White Desert Kutch

You can see the sun going below the horizon right in front of you at the same level where you are standing and it free like another world altogether.

Artist Rann Utsav
Artist performing at Live Music at Rann Utsav

If you can plan white rann on a full moon night then there is nothing better than that. You will be amazed by the view when moonlight falls on the endless white desert.

After sunset, we enjoyed food at various food stalls in the festival arena and We departed form Rann Utsav around 8:15 and reached our Bhunga around 9:00 PM

I will be soon writing a detail blog post especially for white rann or Rann Utsav.

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